Why Good Communication is More Important Than Ever Now

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Do you talk to your partner? When is the last time you had a conversation about something more significant than what to have for dinner or who needs to pick up the kids after school? In most marriages, the answers are not going to be reassuring. We've all heard experts talk about the importance of communication in a relationship, but why is it important and why can it help save your marriage during the recession?

Communication is Necessary for a Happy Marriage

People talk all the time but most conversations are not about important things that need to be said. If you're not communicating about the recession and what it means for your family, for example, you could be doing great damage to your marriage. Chances are that both of you are worried and stressed. You might have doubts about your financial stability or concerns about you long-term future. But because most of us prefer to worry alone, we don't talk about those feelings.

When people aren't communicating about their feelings, the other partner assumes their worries aren't being shared. This leads to arguments, pointing fingers, and retreating further into ourselves and avoiding communication with our partners even more.

Marriage Needs Communication

A happy marriage is a partnership, but no partnership has ever been effective without communication. If you're not talking about the issues that really matter, you're not finding solutions to the problems facing both of you. If you're not talking about issues that matter to your partner, he or she is going to feel unimportant. If you're not talking, someone else might very well start up that conversation with your spouse and that inevitably is going to ruin your marriage.

But starting a dialogue about important issues isn't as easy as it sounds. You need guidance. A new book called How to Have a Good Marriage in a Bad Economy can help improve start you in the right direction to save your marriage by helping you learn how to improve your communication.

With the help of the book, you can learn to stop just talking and learn to start saying what really matters in your marriage.

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Why Good Communication is More Important Than Ever Now

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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