Stress Triggers in Marriage

in Marriage

Have you ever wondered why some homes are a battle ground between couples? Or why some marriages easily collapse even before it takes a footing? Well the sad thing is that some couples have failed to understand that for a marriage to succeed, they must have to watch their own attitude.

Marriage cannot be separated from the attitude of the individuals that make up the marriage. It is said that your attitude determines your altitude. This applies to your home and marriage. A good attitude from both sides is an indication of how well the marriage will go and this has a way of affecting the children positively.

A good attitude does not bring stress to either partner. But what happens when either the man or woman :

* is a habitual nagger,

* makes outrageous demands often,

* is always suspicious,

* is unorganized,

* is disrespectful,

* easily picks up quarrel with every issue,

* talks at the top of his or her voice,

* is incorrigible?

Have you noticed any of these stress triggers in your home? If not, then look no further for the cause of your stressed up life. The earlier you take the bull by the horn and avoiding these stress triggers, the better for you and your family. These stress triggers can destroy your marriage and home if not properly attended to.

There is a saying that, "as you lay your bed, so you lie on it". How have you been laying your marital 'bed' of late? Have you quickly forgotten your excitement on the day of wedding? Recall the joy on the faces of your guests that day. Or peradventure you still have a copy of the video recording or CD or even pictures of that occasion.Take a good look at them. You know, you can still relive those moments again in your marriage and enjoy it happily. Just be open to watch your attitude and mannerism towards your spouse, ensuring it is a positive one and see things change for the better

Save your marriage and save your home.

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Stress Triggers in Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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