Stop Divorce - Successful Ways About How to Save Marriage

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Top on the list- Your husband or wife should be top on your list of priorities with children and work close behind. This is one of the most successful ways how to save marriage. Do a little soul searching and identify exactly where your spouse, work and family fit in. If your spouse is located on any spot except on top you can be assured that your marriage will run into trouble sooner or later. Children and work are very important in our lives. However the majority of your emotions, thoughts and efforts should be poured into your marriage.

Time- Time is very limited in these fast paced times. However it is absolutely imperative that time is allocated especially for your better half, even if it requires making an appointment a couple of days or weeks in advance. During these times the couple should do things that both enjoy. Chat freely and openly. Steer clear from confrontations and fights, which make the time more of a burden than pleasure.

Invest in yourself- Do a little investing in yourself. Marriage does not have to mean dull and boring spouses. Buy a couple of new outfits especially sexy underwear or maybe no underwear. Go on a bit of a diet and work-out a proper exercise programme suiting your lifestyle and body. By looking and feeling wonderful your spouse will feel immensely proud of and attracted to you. Remember the bottle of perfume or aftershave you know your spouse loves.

Reliability- Reliability, trust and dependability is essential for a healthy marriage. Trust takes time to build, often years. Should something happen to break trust chances are very good that it will take even longer to regain. We all need someone to lean on and trust. If cannot trust your spouse, who can you trust?

Just human- It is important to remember that your partner is only human with plenty of failures and flaws. Perfection is something you will never achieve, so if this is your aim in a marriage you will be gravely disappointed. You fell in love with this person with all their glitches, so get use to it. Forgive and forget mistakes, past or present. Make sure that your spousal expectation are positive and realistic.

Small things in life- The small things in life make it special and your spouse so unique. Take time to do the unnoticeable things you often take for granted to show your appreciation and love for them. Bring him or her breakfast in bed or do the laundry without being asked. By just going that extra mile you will naturally know how to save marriage.

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Stop Divorce - Successful Ways About How to Save Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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