Reasons For Marriage Separation

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There are numerous reasons for marriage separation, arising from the inability of the spouses to resolve certain marital problems and conflicts on their own.

Most common reasons for marriage separation are:

1. Experiencing ongoing conflicts and tension in the marriage.
2. Not getting a break from tension or not allowing the other spouse any break.
3. Not taking responsibilities for your actions and placing all blames on the other spouse.
4. Not keeping the lines of communication open, being an active speaker and a poor listener.
5. Not noticing the changes as the marriage progresses. Not growing together with your spouse.
6. Not working together with your partner on resolving the marital problems.
7. Not trying to change your behavior, even when it's detrimental to your marriage.
8. Not trying to work through differences and marital problems. Not addressing crucial issues.
9. Staying in denial about the problems, whether deliberately or not.
10. Not demonstrating love and affection to your spouse.
11. Committing adultery or lying to your partner.
12. Expecting the marriage to be an eternal honeymoon.
13. Not living in a practical way.
14. Not showing any romantic gestures. Not showing any loving and caring feelings.
15. Constantly complaining, while lacking optimism. Talking about problems, and not the good points of your marriage.
16. Not willing to sacrifice for your marriage.
17. Saying hurtful things to your partner.
18. Not contributing to the marriage, and only taking (either emotionally or financially).
19. Taking the other spouse for granted. Not appreciating the worth of the other spouse.
20. Spending insufficient time with your spouse, due to work or children.
21. Not entering counseling, even when it's really needed.
22. Growing apart and becoming distant from one another.

In reality, most of these problems can often be helped with counseling or a short-term controlled marriage separation. Sometimes marriage separation is all that is needed to help the spouses get a breath of fresh air and to see their marriage in a new perspective.

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Reasons For Marriage Separation

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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