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Humans are never content in what they have and how they got it. That is what keeps us trying to make things better for the most part. Marriage is no exception as it has changed shapes and forms from the early heydays to where it stands now.

We are the only species who have institutionalized marriage from not having it at all in the beginning, to a mere exchange of vows and a handshake purely for financial gains in old times, fast forward now to more of an emotional and psychological commitment between two individuals.

It is considered a norm to be married with kids, dedicate your life in upbringing the next generation, and in the process sacrifice all that you have to with no expectation of return on it. Problem is, for some it comes naturally and for others it cannot be abnormal enough.

In sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc), marriage is considered to be a responsibility for parents and in haste of being done with the job at hand they often make unfortunate decisions. In rather stark contrast it ought to be an informed outcome of consent from both individuals and families, and should be celebrated for it to not become a cause of regret later.

Just in case if you were wondering and needed my opinion on:

- If is it a must to get married? NO, it's not. But YES it helps to have someone to share your life with.

- If one should get married just for procreation? NO, just get a pet or adopt a child in need instead. Not to mention you will be doing injustice to your partner if you got married for the wrong reasons.

- If is it nice to be married? YES, it could potentially be if you know what you are getting into and have expected to make changes to accommodate the new lifestyle.

- If waiting for the right person is a good idea? YES, it beats getting your marriage turn out to be a bad one.

- And last but not least, if it's OK to get married for money? I am not sure about that as the jury is still out on that one :-). Just kidding and NO you should not if there was any doubt.

We are social animals and companionship is our basic need, so surround yourself with worthy people as they help you unlock your potential and if in the process you like someone (or more than one in some countries) enough to get married, then you can enjoy the fruits of it even more.

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Marriage Ramblings

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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