Marriage Licence: It's Importance

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Marriage licence is a document issued by the concerned state authority legalizing the couple to get married. The procedure of obtaining a marriage licence varies from state to state. Irrespective of the means of procurement of the marriage licence, it is an important document in the jurisdiction today.

Many people consider marriage licence as having no importance at all. They consider it would not make any difference if they marry without a marriage licence. But this is far from the ideal case. Though in many jurisdictions now, marriage certificate tends to replace the marriage licence, the others are quite stringent about the marriage licence.

Many people assert that getting a marriage licence is not what is essential if they are ready for marriage, but actually getting a marriage licence just about makes it legal. It has been frequently observed that people even after getting married tend to delay the process of obtaining a marriage licence, giving the excuse as checking compatibility, seeing how ready they are to live with each other, accomplishing certain goals etc.

Since marriage licence is a strong decisive step towards one future, the couple should also introspect about their feelings for each other and register the fact deep within them that they are ready for marriage. This is what the marriage licence works at ensuring. In a manner, it serves as a check as well. A check, both by the government against unlawful marriages and to keep the divorce rates down. They insist that marriage is an important decision, both for the prospective bride and the groom and hence, this decision should be taken with acute care and with a huge sense of responsibility.

So as to ensure that young people are well aware of the proceedings of how to get a marriage licence, its importance and various other issues related to marriage licence, various online sites and blogs such as have come up. This site work towards increasing a general knowledge about what marriage is all about, and how to go about legalizing it.
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Marriage Licence: It's Importance

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This article was published on 2011/02/05
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