Marriage in Crisis? Use CPR

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A marriage in crisis is like a patient arriving at the ER. There is something seriously wrong and it is going to take immediate action to save the patient from a bad result. If you want to save that marriage in crisis, then you need to use CPR.

Counseling - One of the most underutilized and yet one of the most effective ways of reviving a marriage is professional marriage counseling. Not only can marriage counseling help you find resolution to your crisis, but will help both of you find ways to become closer. It will also help you to deal with ways of handling conflicts before they become a crisis, reducing the likelihood of developing more serious "symptoms" in your marriage.

Perspective - When your marriage is in crisis, you need to get a perspective on what is happening in your marriage. Again, this is how a marriage counselor can be of tremendous help to you and your spouse. When you are in counseling you are explaining life and its issues from your point of view, whereas a marriage counselor does not have biased perspective and can see things from other vantage points that can be really helpful in helping you understand what is truly going on in your marriage.

Resolve - Once you have gained a perspective in what is going on, you can use the information and ideas given to you to repair the damage that has been done. Don't get me wrong, this takes a lot of effort and desire. If you are not committed to saving the "patient" meaning your marriage in crisis, the other two steps have been in vain. Resolve is going to take both of you working together with the commitment to save your marriage. Work together and you are well on your way.

By using CPR, with a help of a professional, you and your spouse will find that not only is it possible to restore the loving relationship that you had but it is very possible you can have an even better, more rewording marriage than you have ever had.

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Marriage in Crisis? Use CPR

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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