Keeping Your Wife Happy Without Losing Your Manhood

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A marriage can be a beautiful thing when a couple has found out how to live in a harmonious bubble of happiness.  It can be difficult to reach such a state for quite a few couples, and sadly, most relationships do not actually reach this stage of happiness.  But we still strive to find that perfect someone that will want to spend the rest of his or her life with us.  But the truth is, there are no secrets to a happy marriage and there are no quick fixes for being happy with the one you are married to.  You have to figure it out for yourself hoping your other half is going to follow you.


What you need to do is to figure out what it is that will keep you coming back to your wife and what you need to do to keep her coming back to you without losing your manhood in the process.  You don't have to go with her to shop for womens formal wear, if you don't want to.  Most women will understand that you don't want to do some things with her, but you still have to make her feel cherished during your marriage or else she will start to drift away and seek attention else where.  You are also going to have to realize that you are going to have to give as much as she does into the marriage.  A relationship can never be one sided because eventually, the other person is going to realize she is doing all the work.  Then she'll move on.  If she doesn't like basketball and she goes to a game with you and your friends, be prepared to go with her to find some womens high heel shoes.  Be prepared to go to the mall for a couple hours without complaining because she did something for you.


It doesn't always have to work like this, but compromise is what makes a woman decide to stick around for the long haul.  If you want your marriage to work, be ready to compromise when you have to.  It works both ways, but women are better at it than men.  Sometimes all anyone is looking for is a little understanding and they need you to realize that not everything needs to make sense.  Men always complain the women's shoes make absolutely no sense to them since it appears as if she owns three pairs of the same thing.  But you have to learn to let things go and let it be if you want your marriage to last.


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Keeping Your Wife Happy Without Losing Your Manhood

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This article was published on 2010/09/10