I Need Help Now! My Marriage is Falling Apart

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'My marriage is falling apart' is a conclusion many of us have made some time or the other. Life after marriage has never been a smooth ride for anyone. There are bound to be clashes of ego, differences of opinions and misunderstandings all of which, if ignored, can have disastrous consequences. If you too have started to feel that 'my marriage is falling apart' - it is time to react and react now. As the more you delay, the worse it gets. But the good news is that if there was and is love and respect between the two partners in a marriage, the marriage can be saved and situation restored to normalcy. Weak bonds and lost trust can of course be rebuilt but you have to have lots of patience to achieve your goals of putting your marriage back on tracks.

Marriage is essentially about two otherwise completely different personalities looking for some common grounds and areas of interests to stay together, love and be happy. As it happens invariably, other issues and priorities take over and soon the essential spirit and intention of loving each other take a back seat. Each partner thinks of his or her priority where no body has the time or inclination to listen to the other. Classical example of taking each other for granted. Therefore, when you feel that 'my marriage is falling apart' is to change roles from a talker to a listener. Listen to whatever your spouse to say, complain about, grumble or whatever. Set some exclusive time for this to happen, and you would be surprised to find the amount of debris that can come out when you reopen the channels of meaningful communication. Refrain from attacking or blaming your spouse for anything that has gone wrong. The whole idea is to repair the dents and holes that have materialized in your marriage so that you longer feel that 'my marriage is falling apart'.

The other, rather simple way to save a marriage and stop feeling that 'my marriage is falling apart' is to re-prioritize your life. Make your spouse the center of your existence. No body on earth can ignore the importance of time which you give to a person. If your spouse has always been at the core of the family, perhaps other priorities have overtaken and submerged this concept. The moment you give your spouse the importance he or she deserves, things would start to fall back to normal mode. Keep some exclusive time for each other, so that both of you feel 'connected' once again. It might seem silly or difficult in the beginning, but do this on a war-footing just to come out of the feeling that 'my marriage is falling apart'. It can only fall apart, if you let it.

Every marriage goes through some kind of the crisis or the other and it is part of life for couples round the world. One basic reason for this to happen is that couples lose track of each other's personal growth over time. None of us remain static and exactly like what we were when we got married. We age, our priorities change but the mistake we make is that we forget to take our life partners along with us. Suddenly we realize that 'my marriage is falling apart' has become the key theme in the marriage. You can only prevent this from happening or put your marriage back on tracks, even if some amount of distancing has happened already, if you realize the simple truth that marriage needs constant nourishment or it simply withers and dies.

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I Need Help Now! My Marriage is Falling Apart

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This article was published on 2011/01/02
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