Causes of Infidelity in Marriage

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Infidelity in marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce. It can happen in any marriage, including yours. When it does happen, it can bring an enormous amount of grief to a couple. Therefore, it would be wise to learn the causes in order to reduce the risk.

We will look at the most common causes. This includes boredom in your marriage. Is either one of you holding a grudge about something? Did you expect more from your marriage? How good is your communication with each other? Continue reading and we will explore these issues and discuss some practical solutions.


Once a couple has been married for some time, a routine usually develops. Unfortunately, a routine can lead to boredom. If your marriage is suffering from boredom, this puts you and your spouse at a greater risk of infidelity. One of you may be tempted to venture out in search of excitement. It may be helpful to plan more activities together, but finding the right balance is also important. Too many activities together and not enough private time at home, can also lead to boredom.

Unrealistic Expectations

Before you got married, you probably imagined a long, never-ending marriage of romance and excitement. Then reality came along. When a spouse becomes disillusioned about the blissful marriage they expected, the disappointment can be difficult. Maybe you expected that the two of you would share more things in common. This may cause you or your spouse to begin searching for that perfect someone, someone that does not exist. The solution to this is fairly simple. Accept the fact that neither of you is perfect and just try to do more things together that you both enjoy.

Resentment of Spouse

An argument can cause resentment and hurt feelings. To a lesser extent, not showing adequate respect to each other can also cause resentment. When a spouse is holding resentment against the other, they may be tempted to seek revenge. Revenge can be had in many ways, including infidelity. To prevent this from happening in your marriage, show your spouse respect and consideration for their feelings and politely ask them to do the same.

Poor Communication

There are many examples of poor communication, and any of them can cause infidelity in marriage. One example is not listening to your spouse enough. No one enjoys being ignored. Do either of you have a bad temper or suffer from outbursts? An emotional outburst is not a valid form of communication. In addition, misunderstandings can also hurt communication.

Now you have learned the most common causes of infidelity in marriage. Prevention is the best measure for this. Therefore, you should keep in mind these causes and be vigilant at all times to help ensure your marriage won't suffer from this.


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Causes of Infidelity in Marriage

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Causes of Infidelity in Marriage

This article was published on 2012/05/03
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