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Cultures and religions, it has varies in its practices and performance of rituals, due to the regional in touch. The population of India is famous worldwide for their religious beliefs and cultural practices to conduct the name of their relatives living in the community to keep. Indians in particular are very considerate about their religion and the standards they are supposed to follow. Especially in the case of Indian weddings, they keep a very close eye on that every ritual in the marriage must be conducted with respect and integrity towards their respective religions.

In the case of Indian marriages, other than the regional touch and taste of the area, the ceremonies of that particular caste or religion should be conducted in the same way. One such caste Brahmins, which is considered the most respected community in the country. They are reportedly associated with the priestly family of the country. They have a very high status in the country and are considered the religious duties of the community to perform. The ceremonial practices of the Brahmins are tied to marriage remain the same, wherever they go, unlike the tit-bit, due to the effect of the area they reside in by the possession of the highest class in Indian society, The Brahmin weddings are supposed to be the purest form. They are full of religious and sacred practices, performed with full dedication, taking account of each step.
Few of marriage rituals in the Brahmin marriages remain the same, with few changes through the area and the regions they live in. marriages are generally divided into pre, during and after the marriage rituals. There are many ceremonies and regulations that are made during these periods. A big difference can be seen in the brahmin marriage rituals of the southern and northern regions of the country. Some marriages will, matching the horoscope compatibility of the bride and groom, pre wedding ceremonies, including marriages, are the rituals, which usually right between the north and south brahmin matrimonies.
There are many rituals that are performed in the respective homes of the bride and groom, the whole family that comes together to bless the couple involved. Brahmin marriages witnessed the practice of binding wire to the groom, on the occasion of his manhood. Mehndi, Haldi, gift with all the ceremonies are conducted in all regions of the country, performing matrimonies Brahman. On the day of the wedding, the groom goes to the groom's house, sitting on a horse, where he was in a big way welcomed by the family of the bride. The rituals of the actual wedding ceremony vary from region to region and caste they belong to the subjective.
Fire is believed to be the most sacred element in the marriage of Brahmans are. Circles around the fire scared, be taken in all Hindu matrimonies and what ties the bride and groom in the life long bond of marriage. The bride and groom garland each other exchanges. While making the circles or convenient marriage, a knot of unity connected between the bride and groom, which is done by one of the closest relatives of the bride or groom. After completing the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom, bound in the relationship of unity, then after the marriage ceremonies are performed. The post-Brahmin wedding ceremonies, bidai is a ceremony that all Brahmin marriage are tied to the practice. Afterwards, the bride and groom live happily together forever.
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Brahmin marriages

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Brahmin marriages

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