Astrological Factors That Can Delay Your Marriage

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Marriage is the most important and auspicious part of our life that join the two sacred soul to each others. It is a social and spiritual union of man and woman who make a commitment to live together for entire life. Marriage is considered as a very pious ceremony in India and celebrated with great pleasure, joy and enthusiasm.

India has a vast and great tradition and culture for Marriage. In India, first of all, Marriage proposals are sent to bride or bridegrooms family. If both the families are agreed then horoscope or kundli Milan is started for judging the compatibilities of boy and girl for suitable match. As the horoscope or kundli is matched, the process of marriage ceremony is started. But despite of several proposals some boys and girls dont get suitable match and due to some problem and obstacle in their horoscope (kundli) they experience short or long span of time delay in their marriage.

Let us scrutinize the astrological factors that can delay your marriage.

1.If Saturn aspects the Sun in your horoscope or Saturn is associated with Sun and Venus is also afflicted by Saturn then your marriage can come off late.
2.If Mars stays in eighth house in your horoscope then you could get delay in your marriage.
3.Your marriage time period can also be affected if Moon and Saturn both conjoin together in the first, second, seventh or eleventh house in your horoscope.
4.Mars and Venus both stay together in the fifth, seventh or ninth house could cause delay in natives marriage.
5.Moon and Venus both may keep you away from your dream life partner if both the planets are squared by Jupiter.
6.Your marriage might also happen late in your life if your horoscope analysis indicates that the seventh lord and Venus are aspected by Saturn.
7.The sixth and eight positions of Mars and Saturn respectively in your horoscope can be a main factor to keep you away for short span of time from your suitable life partner.
8.Your Marriage journey can also be delayed if Saturn and Mars aspect each other or both conjoined together or either of them is Ascendant or the seventh lord.
9.Finding a life partner can also be difficult when Saturn stays either in the first house, third house, fifth house, seventh house, tenth house or eleventh house from the Ascendant or Moon sign.
10.If your seventh lord is retrograde or your seventh house has a retrograde planet then you may experience delay in marriage.
11.If planet Venus is retrograde in your horoscope then your marriage can be late.
12.Most native experience delay in marriage when Rahu and Saturn are together stay in first, third or eleventh house from the Ascendant or the Moon sign.
If you are facing some delay in your marriage and not able to find a suitable match or life partner for marriage then there could be one of the reasons which have been mentioned above. A Good and learned astrologer can find the right cause for delaying your marriage and can help you to resolve this problem.
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Astrological Factors That Can Delay Your Marriage

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This article was published on 2011/04/03