5 Main Barriers That Hinder Marriage Restoration

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Forgive and forget to restore marriage can be hard. Especially after going through severe pain and disappointment. Still in order to put the past behind you and moving forward, you must overcome these main barriers below that could hinder your marriage restoration.


This is what destroy most marriages. Both husband and wife are too proud to admit their fault. They get defensive and blame each other instead of sitting down and discuss what needs to be done.

Statistics have shown over 80 per cent of marriage breakdowns happened due to the fault or misunderstanding of either one or both of them.


This is another reason.

Even when one realizes his or her mistake, he or she is afraid that the spouse will not want to forgive.


Even if you are not in the wrong but your spouse is, you need to have magnitude to forgive and forget.

Otherwise, the fault will come to you as it should be our principle to forgive and forget. Even more so especially when we are Christians.


This is another word for magnitude.

In order to forgive and forget, you need to get rid of all bitterness, contempt, grievances and jealousy. These are all the negativity that corrupt and even destroy us.


This is what causes marriage tragedy apart from the negative feelings I just mentioned above.

If a man is angry after finding out his wife is having an affair, he will hit and even kill her without giving her a chance to explain. If that is not bad enough, his actions can cause alarm and fear to his children if he is a father.

I may sound ridiculous but that is true based on news reports of marriage tragedies. Apart from affair,lack of money is another main issue as there are household expenses, mortgage, credit cards, children's education and other recurring bills to pay. Or it could be one spouse controlling the income and the other does not like it.

To restore your marriage, you need to overcome each and everyone of these which are so common among married couples. If you really love each other as you vowed in wedding, you need to prove by action other than just saying it.

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5 Main Barriers That Hinder Marriage Restoration

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This article was published on 2011/03/28
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